Trading Tools

Free SGX Data

Users of DataServerSG, this is good news for you.

Although the above application has stopped working since 23 Jan 2019, I have managed to create an Excel spreadsheet to replicate most of its functions.

Please use the links below to download these files:-

SGX EOD downloader (Please read the instruction worksheet)

Import TAR v3p8p1


SGX historical data (Need to extract to C:\)

TAR-Data 22 May


TAR-Data 22 May


TAR-Data 22 May


TAR-Data 22 May




1 comment on “Trading Tools

  1. Bobby Yee

    I use downloader to convert CSV file to Metastock data.
    I download the raw data from SGX.COM. then I use Excel to clean up to CSV. Can only do SGX stocks.
    I think I may still have a video how I did it.


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