Trading Journal As of 26 Aug 2011

Here is the update for this week.

Stopped Out Long Position

SP Corp

SP Corp - Sudden Drop from the Cliff

SP Corp Daily Chart

Arggh!! This is what will happen if you forget to put in your stoploss order. Never do that! Lesson learnt – always put in a stoploss order!!!!

(PS: The only consolation is the amount vested in this trade is not the usual position size. Hence the loss is still manageable)

Stopped Out Short Position

Metlife Inc

Metlife Inc - Very Profitable Trade

Metlife Inc Daily Chart

This is a very profitabe trade initiated in July. (see post)

Singapore Tech Engineering

Singapore Tech Engg - Overall a Profitable Trade

Singapore Tech Engg Daily Chart

This trade was stopped out due to the strong rebound. Overall it is still a profitable trade.


USDCHF - Stopped Out Due to Strong Rebound

USDCHF Daily Chart

This is the longest running trade so far(see post). It is also the most profitable trade so far this year. So sad to end the run here.

Besides those stopped out trades, there is one new trade entered this week.

Short Position


GBPAUD - Shorting During Reversal

GBPAUD Daily Chart

Had exited half of the short position.

For the rest, only the short trades remained. (EURAUD, Singapore Exchange, Sembcorp Industries Ltd and Jacobs Engineering Group Inc)

The market has finally rebounded. I will patiently wait for the next trade to show up. Do check out my blog regularly for updates.

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