Trading Journal As of 16 Sep 2011

What a disappointing week!

The following are positions initiated and stopped out.

Short Positions (Initiated and Stopped Out)

Entergy Corp

Entergy Corp - Entered Due to Fake Out, Stopped Out As A Result

Entergy Corp Daily Chart

PG & E Corp

PG & E Corp - Entered Due to Fake Out, Stopped Out As A Result

PG & E Corp Daily Chart


These are the stopped out positions

Short Positions (Stopped Out)


GBPAUD - Stopped out Due to Rebound

GBPAUD Daily Chart

Overall a profitable trade.


EURAUD - Stopped Out Due to Rebound

EURAUD Daily Chart

Overall a profitable trade as well.

The following are the newly initiated short positions

Short Positions

Mapletree Logistic Trust

Mapletree Logistic Trust - Shorting Using Trendline Break

Mapletree Logistic Trust Daily Chart


SATS - Shorting Using Trendline Break

SATS Daily Chart

Wing Tai

Wing Tai - Short Using Support Break

Wing Tai DAily Chart

Wal-mart short position is still alive.

This is a treacherous week. I am thankful the forex trades are able to cover these losses with profits. Let’s see when the bull will run out of steam. As trend traders, we can only participate. In the meantime, trade carefully.


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