Trading Journal As of 21 Oct 2011

Here is the update for this week.

Short Positions (Initiated)

Hutchison Port Holdings

Hutchison Port Holdings - Shorting Using Trendline Break

Hutchison Port Holdings Daily Chart

Noble Group Ltd

Noble Group Ltd - Shorting Using Trendline Break

Noble Group Ltd Daily Chart

Golden Agri Resources Ltd

Golden Agri Resources Ltd - Shorting Using Trendline Break

Golden Agri Resources Ltd Daily Chart


Genting - Shorting Using Trendline Break

Genting Daily Chart


 Short Positions (Stopped Out)

Wing Tai

Wing Tai - Stopped Out Due to Trendline Break

Wing Tai Daily Chart

Overall a profitable trade (see post)


SATS - Stopped Out Due to Trendline Break

SATS Daily Chart

Stopped out due to the rally.

EURNZD and Singapore Airlines Ltd short positions are still alive. Market has rally quite a fair bit. I am participating by shorting on the trendline break. Let’s see how these trades will unfold.


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