Trading Journal As of 25 Nov 2011

Had initiated the following trades

Short Position (Initiated)

Suntec REITS

Suntec REITS - Shorting Using Support Break

Suntec REITS Daily Chart

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Hldgs Ltd

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Hldgs Ltd - Shorting Using Trendline Break

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Hldgs Ltd Daily Chart

 Sound Global Ltd

Sound Global Ltd - Shorted Using Trendline Break

Sound Global Ltd Daily Chart

 Hewlett Packard Co

Hewlett Packard Co. - Shorting Using Trendline Break

Hewlett Packard Co. Daily Chart

Sysco Corp

Sysco Corp - Shorting Using Support Break

Sysco Corp Daily Chart


Had exited half position of the following trades

Short Positions (Exit Half)

Flextronics Intl Ltd

Flextronics Intl Ltd - Taking Partial Profit

Flextronics Intl Ltd Daily Chart

Hasbro Inc.

Hasbro Inc - Taking Partial Profit

Hasbro Inc. Daily Chart

LSI Corp

LSI Corp - Taking Partial Profit

LSI Corp Daily Chart

 Ezra Holdings Ltd

Ezra Holdings Ltd - Taking Partial Profit

Ezra Holdings Ltd Daily Chart

Wing Tai

Wing Tai - Taking Partial Profit

Wing Tai Daily Chart


SATS Ltd - Taking Partial Profit

SATS Ltd Daily Chart

The rest of the short positions (Windstream Corp, Textron Inc, Venture Corp and CapitaCommercial Trust) are still intact. Market has reacted to the downside. It is good to take  some partial profits so that we have capital for more shorts. Sit tight! I expect more volatility ahead.


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