Trading Journal As of 27 Jan 2012

The folllowing position was stopped out

Short Position (Stopped Out)

Republic Services (US)

Republic Services - Stopped Out Due to Resistance Broken

Republic Services Daily Chart

Had entered the following position

Short Positions (Initiated)


EURJPY - Short Using the Reversal Bar

EURJPY Daily Chart

Capitamall Trust (SG)

Capitamall Trust - Short Using Intermediate Support Break

Capitamall Trust Daily Chart

Long Positions (Initiated)

DTE Energy Company (US)

DTE Energy Company - Long Using Trendline Break

DTE Energy Company Daily Chart

Duke Energy Corp (US)

Duke Energy Corp - Long Using Trendline Break

Duke Energy Corp Daily Chart

Progress Energy Inc (US)

Progress Energy Inc - Long Using Trendline Break

Progress Energy Inc Daily Chart

Wisconsin Energy (US)

Wisconsin Energy - Long Using Trendline Break

Wisconsin Energy Daily Chart

Windstream Corp short trade is still alive. This market is getting more interesting. Majority of HK and SG stocks are still downtrend driven. Some have turned up. Only US has balance of uptrend and downtrend stocks. Will this be a bullish year?


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