Trading Journal As of 27 Apr 2012

Here is this week’s update.

Long Position (Stopped Out)

Ausgroup Ltd (SG)

Ausgroup Ltd - Stopped Out Due to Support Broken

Ausgroup Ltd Daily Chart

Long Position (Exit Half)

Wisconsin Energy (US)

Wisconsin Energy - Exited Half Position to Take Partial Profit.

Wisconsin Energy Daily Chart

Nice breakout to take partial profit.

Long Positions (Initiated)

CapitaCommercial Trust (SG)

CapitaCommercial Trust - Entered Using Flag Breakout

CapitaCommercial Trust Daily Chart

Starhill Global REIT (SG)

Starhill Global REIT - Breakout Entry

Starhill Global REIT Daily Chart

Short Position (Initiated)

People’s Food Holdings Ltd (SG)

People's Food Holdings Ltd - Shorted Using Trendline Break

People's Food Holdings Ltd Daily Chart

The rest of the short trade (Windstream Corp) and long trades (Beijing Capital Land Ltd and Country Garden Holdings Ltd) are still alive.


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