Trading Journal As of 7 Sep 2012

Here is this week’s update.

Short Position (Initiated)

Yangzijiang Shipbldg Ltd (SG)

Yangzijiang Shipbldg Ltd - Short Using Support Break

Yangzijiang Shipbldg Ltd Daily Chart

This position may be stopped out due to recent rally.

Long Positions (Initiated)

Sabana REIT (SG)

Sabana REIT - Long Using Broken Resistance

Sabana REIT Daily Chart

Starhill Global REIT (SG)

Starhill Global REIT - Long Using Broken Resistance

Starhill Global REIT Daily Chart

United Envirotech Ltd (SG)

United Envirotech Ltd - Long Using Broken Resistance

United Envirotech Ltd Daily Chart

Let’s see how the market will move from here.


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