Trading Journal As of 1 Dec 2017

Here is this week’s update.

Long Position (Stopped Out)

Sheng Siong Grp Ltd (SG)

Sheng Siong Grp Ltd - Exited Long When Red Line was Broken

Sheng Siong Grp Ltd Daily Chart

Trade was entered at $0.955 and exited at $0.93. Overall a losing trade.

Short Position (Initiated)

Ascendas REITs (SG)

Ascendas REITs - Entered Short When Red Line was Broken

Ascendas REITs Daily Chart

Trade was entered at $2.61.


The following trades are still alive:-

Short trades – AUDJPY, CADCHF, Raffles Medical Grp Ltd and SIIC Environment Hldgs    Ltd

Long trades – IEV Hldgs Ltd


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